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The Latest release from B-RadGames takes its inspiration from games such as Space Invaders, Pang
and Kaboom to produce a whole new experince on the iPhone.

This game is currently under review by apple and full support and informaion will be avaliable on this site very soon.




Speed ball takes you back in time with its retro graphics, great playability and arcade feel.

You must return the moving balls when the reach the 'return zone'. The more you return them the faster the become. If they pass the 'return zone' your go is over.

Find out how fast your reactions are and try to take the game to speeds beyond what is humanly possible.

Screen Shots

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4

V2 planned release date 19/02/2010



A Free version of speed ball is in production which will allow play of the first game with one ball.
The full game will be required to play with extra speed balls.

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